I-4 conference registration 2019

Date & Time

March 30, 8:30am


Manhattan College
4513 Manhattan College Parkway
Kelly Commons
Riverdale, NY 10471

I-4 conference registration 2019

The I-4 (Imagination, Inquiry & Innovation Institute) Conference 2019

LOOK AGAIN: The Art of Multiple Perspectives

The Imagination, Inquiry & Innovation Institute (I-4)
will hold its fifth annual conference on March 30, 2019 in Riverdale 
at the Manhattan College campus from 8:30am-4:30pm

Kelly Commons

This year's conference will focus on Maxine Greene's interest multiple perspectives
and the possibilites that the arts and interactive dialogue bring to social imagination.

Conference will include the following strands:

CROSSING BOUNDARIES: How might cultural, historical, geographic, and gender identifications be validated in different contexts?
EMBRACING DISCORD: How might opposing or varying points of view be able to find resolution and sustain an equilibrium?
VISUALIZING THE INVISIBLE: How might ideas that are not visible be made visible and concrete and by what means?
QUESTIONING THE OBVIOUS: How might questioning the evident lead to new understandings?

REGISTRATION: https://manhattancollege.formstack.com/forms/i_4_registration

For further INFORMATION Contact
Ruth Zealand: I-4@ manhattan.edu 
Holly Fairbank: info@maxinegreene.org

               Perceiving is the beginning, the ground- Maxine Greene


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