Maxine Greene-A Celebration of Her Life and Work

Symphony Space, New York City- October 23, 2014

The Maxine Greene Center (MGC), in collaboration with Lincoln Center Education (LCE), invited friends, family, colleagues, students and all those who have been inspired by her life and work to share in a celebration hosted by Symphony Space on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Teaching Artists (former and current) volunteered to give readings and performances to honor Maxine who, all agreed, had changed their lives. Tom Cabaniss (NY Philharmonic) and Madeline Cohen (Symphony Space) guided us through an evening of dance, music, film, theater and heartfelt reminiscence.

Presenters include:

Madeline Cohen (music), Education Director, Symphony Space
Tom Cabaniss (music), New York Philharmonic
Holly Fairbank (dance), Director, Maxine Greene Center
Russell Granet, Director, Lincoln Center Education
Jerry James (artist), Director, Center for Arts Education
David Shookhoff (theater), Manhattan Theater
David Gonzalez (music)



Baeta Moon, (music) Ode.
Susan Thomasson, (dance) & Henry Purcell (music) Kadash for Maxine,
John Toth (video) Maxine: Early Days, Middle Years, Last Decade, Becoming
Jean E. Taylor, (theater)  Maxine Greene, an original Wild Hare/Hair , 4:21
Heidi Upton (piano) and Judith Bose-Hill (soprano) Two Miniatures that Remind Me of Maxine , 2:01
Amanda Gulla (poet),
Jessica Meyer (viola) Source of Joy , 3:25
Wendy Stern (flute),
Malcolm Wicks (slam poet)

Technical crew: from Lincoln  Center Education




Remembering Maxine

one year ago...

In loving memory of Maxine Greene

12/23/17- 5/29/14

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