About the Maxine Greene Institute Library

The Maxine Greene Institute Library provides a comprehensive collection of Maxine Greene’s writings, papers, speeches, articles, books and videos, many of which include links to resources and original works. The collection also includes news briefings and conference updates about her life and career as well as items and references to works by other educators, writers, and students, about Dr. Greene, Aesthetic Education, and Social Imagination.

Contributing to the Maxine Greene Institute Library

Are you interested to submit further resources or see your publication added to the collection? Contact info@maxinegreene.org.

Searching the Maxine Greene Institute Library

The collection is organized in the following headings:

  • Career & Life: Materials about Maxine Greene and her life. Includes biographies, tributes, and films.
  • Work & Writings: Materials by Maxine Greene. Includes texts and talks.
  • Influences: Works cited and referenced in Maxine Greene’s texts and talks, from John Dewey to Mary Oliver…
  • Inspirations: Selected materials, both scholarly and aesthetic, that reference Maxine Greene.
  • Resources: Resources and materials for further learning.

You can filter your searches by the following media: articles, audio, books, chapters, video, 

Articles have also been tagged to help identify topics of interest.

There is a Clear button. Use this to clear the tags and searches in order to find new content.

Teachers College Resources

In addition to the Maxine Greene Institute Library, Teachers College has collected a rich archive of Maxine’s correspondence, articles and reviews which you can reference at the links below:

Teachers College Maxine Greene Archive:

Teachers College Maxine Greene Collection:

Navigating the MGI Library — A Tutorial Video


The library is a vital piece of Maxine’s legacy and we want to thank the following individuals and institutions for enabling us to take this next step in carrying that forward. This could not have happened without the support and dedication provided by Eve Hauser, Will Sacks, Will Arnold of Design Brooklyn, and the Maxine Greene Institute Library Committee: Holly Fairbank (Executive Director, Maxine Greene Institute), Alison Lehner-Quam (Chair, Library Committee), Carole Saltz, Meredith Smith; Linda Miles and Deborah Dosamantes for their work on the original bibliography of Maxine Greene’s work; Janet Miller for the archive creation; and Katie Embree and Jennifer Govan at Teachers College for their generosity in providing access to Teachers College’s resources.


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