The Maxine Greene Institute 
Annual Report 2021

The Maxine Greene Institute is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization.


The Maxine Greene Institute promotes the philosophy of Maxine Greene and the practice of aesthetic education and social imagination

The Vision

The institute provides community activities and a virtual space for dialogue and reflection among educators, teaching artists, scholars, students, and those interested in related philosophies and practices
Executive Director: Holly Fairbank
Board of Directors: Heidi Upton, President; Susan Thomasson, Vice President; Marietta Saravia Shore, Secretary; Ruth Zealand; Amanda Gulla; Barbara Ellmann; Jean Taylor; Mark Pottinger; Carole Saltz; Alison Lehner-Quam; Steve Noonan; Meredith Smith; Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz
Board of Advisers: Pam Burnard; Michelle Fine; Janet Miller; Yolanda Medina; Michael Gillespie; David Gonzalez
Current Subscribers: above 750
This year, despite the isolating impact of the COVID pandemic, the MGI has addressed many issues and new initiatives towards developing an international community.
Report from Committees- 
Executive Committee- Overseeing committees
Library- Extended and re-designed the repository of Maxine’s work and influence with the help several HS interns and Advisor Eve Hauser.
Events- Creating Salon Series. This year we have recorded two, and plan for two more this year. Exploring the possibility of creating a podcast series.
Fundraising/Grants- Examining the possibilities of international partnerships and relevant grants. Created online 104th birthday event in Maxine’s memory
International Consortium- Expanding our partnerships and relationships around the globe, and identifying advisors from higher education and arts communities
Newsletter- Upgrading, expanding and refining its information for our subscribers
Website- Upgrading, expanding and refining with the help of three interns, 
Marketing & Public Relations- Extending our social media with the help of two interns and developd a YouTube channel. 
I-4 conference- Developing an online version this year, focusing on our international partnerships

Partnerships and Research- 

Exploring the creation of a National Committee to include scholars and activists
exploring a relationship with educational leaders to use AE (and research) as a way to address the academic and social gaps caused by the pandemic
Created parameters/ policies for international members and protocols for joining
Extending invitation/ inquiries to Germany (American Academy in Berlin); Mexico (Mexico City: Tere Quintanilla), England (Cambridge University: Pam Burnard; Cambridge Elementary School: James Biddulph, head teacher); Canada (Heather McLeod, Karen Cooper; Marika Crete-Reizes; Adam Podolski; Jenna-Leigh DiNardo)
New members: China (Beijing Educational Review):Israel (Tarbut Movement); Spain (Eugenia Bosch) 
Financial Overview:
Checking Account- $9,853
Savings- $1116.97 

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