The Maxine Greene Institute Response to Supreme Court Overturning of Roe v Wade:

Recent events prompt us to turn to Maxine’s writing regarding human rights, equity and the power of community to support our thinking and actions in days to come. 
     More and more of us… are aware of how necessary it is to keep such visions of possibility before our eyes in the face of rampant carelessness and alteration and fragmentation.*

Maxine envisioned this Institute as a “space” where like-minded people could come together in community to seek support, hear other voices, share experience, and… work for responsiveness to principles of equity, principles of equality, and principles of freedom, which still can be named  within contexts of caring and concern.*

We must keep in mind Maxine’s powerful idea for moving forward:

    The principles and the contexts have to be chosen by living human beings against their own life-worlds and in the light of their lives with others, by persons able to call, to say, to sing, and -- using their imaginations, tapping their courage -- to transform.*
The stripping away of rights by the Supreme Court is a call to action for those who are concerned with preserving freedom and democracy. Worldwide, people from all walks of life continue to be drawn to Maxine’s thinking. Those in the field of education, a field with which she was passionately involved, know that her ideas endure and support us now more than ever.
Artists have always played an important role in naming and articulating issues and creating language and imagery that can help focus and unify people. As Maxine said,

      I want the arts to move people not just to think, not just to feel, but to take someone’s hand and act.**

Join us in upholding reproductive freedom and valuing equity for all.
 * Greene, M. (1995). Releasing the imagination: essays on education, the arts, and social change. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.
** Greene, M (1998). Maxine Greene addresses the topic of imagination from the Museum of Education's readers' guide to education exhibition.


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