Fall 2013  •  Vol. 1, No. 2

Heidi Upton, Amanda Gulla, Holly Fairbank, editors





"The space of aesthetic education, then, must remain open, even as the spaces of education generally must remain open. We can no more institute an aesthetic experience in another person than we can "learn" another human being. We have to appeal to people's capacities for "choice and valuation," their imaginative capacities, to their ability to take initiatives and attend actively. I trust we can do this in situations where students and teachers both are responsive"
Greene: Spaces of Aesthetic Education, 61


Welcome to all our new members!

With the MG Center’s redesigned website ready to launch soon, the Board has made a concerted effort to reach out to all of you who have been inspired and sustained by Maxine’s work. Prior to the roll-out of our new website this fall, you can become a member now by visiting our current website:

This coming year we will be developing affiliations with arts organizations, educational institutions and other entities sympathetic to our goals. Lehigh University’s Urban Principal’s Academy @ Lehigh (UPAL) is one example of such an affiliation. This past summer, board members (and teaching artists) Holly Fairbank and Heidi Upton conducted AE workshops for UPAL along with its  director Jon Drescher. Maxine Greene was invited to give lectures to another of our affiliates, Lincoln Center Education (LCE), during their Summer Session in July. Greene was honored, in September, by Urban Word, NYC , another affiliate, as they inaugurated a Poet Laureate program in her name. In coming months, the Center will participate in numerous events, and will be hosting our own as we establish our presence in the community

The Board Report


The New Board of Directors for The Maxine Greene Center, Inc. is now fully in place.


In June, 2013,  David Gonzalez accepted the nomination to step in as Secretary,  and Dean Michael Gillespie of Borough of Manhattan College (BMCC) joined the Board. All of our Board members are leaders in their fields, devoted friends of Maxine’s and true believers in the power of her work to make a difference through aesthetic education and  social imagination.

The Board approved the new Bylaws, recently redesigned with care to reflect the mission of the Center. Developed by Board member Mary Bullock,  these Bylaws provide a structure that will guide and sustain the organization going forward.
To facilitate the activities planned for the near future,  the Board has put in place numerous Committees, each chaired by a Board member, including  members of our emerging Advisory Board. These committees include an Executive Committee, as well as Archival, Fundraising, PR, Communications/Website, Newsletter, Events and Professional Development/Education Committees. Let us know if you would like to become involved by contacting us through our website.



























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