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In the following list, individuals and affiliates of the Maxine Greene Center describe how aesthetic education, as influenced by Maxine Greene, is being addressed in their practice, work, programs.

Please let us know how, in your own practice, your community, institution or classroom, you are implementing Dr. Greene’s ideas and philosophy. Contact us at

@ Lehman College- The Bronx Arts Education Network

Welcome to the Bronx Arts Education Network. Through this network, Lehman College education faculty collaborate with K-12 schools interested in developing arts programs as well as arts professionals who are specifically interested in working with K-12 schools. One of the most effective ways to introduce students to the arts is by incorporating studies of performing and visual arts into the academic classroom through an approach called Aesthetic Education.

When we adopt an aesthetic education approach to learning, reading becomes not just a skill that allows us to comprehend written text, but a mode of action that shapes our approach to the world. To see patterns and to contemplate the choices made by a painter, a sculptor, or a dancer, to look more deeply into a math problem, to empathize with a person whose point of view differs from yours, to do the hard work of understanding complex ideas; all of these become natural approaches for the person who has learned to look, listen, and question deeply as we do when aesthetic education is practiced.

@ Lincoln Center Education- Lincoln Center Institute

Lincoln Center Institute (LCI) is the educational cornerstone of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Founded in 1975, LCI enriches the lives of students, educators, and lifelong learners by providing opportunities for engagement with the highest-quality arts on the stage, in the classroom, digitally, and within the community. With over three decades of unparalleled school and community partnerships, professional development workshops, consulting services, and its very own repertory, LCI has reached more than 20 million students, teachers, school administrators, parents, community members, teaching artists, pre-service teachers, university professors, and artists in New York City, across the nation and around the world.

The practice of imaginative learning is constantly developed to reflect the changing and diverse needs of our constituents.
We enable teachers of all subject areas and grade levels to use this method in their classrooms through our charter schools, school partnerships, professional development workshops, and consultancies.
We advocate for the centrality of imagination and the arts in American education and have done so through a variety of initiatives.

Aesthetic Education includes interactions with high quality works of art supported by an inquiry process particularly developed for those interactions, along with art-making explorations.

@ Lehigh University U*PAL- Urban Principals Academy at Lehigh

U*PAL is a rigorous Education Leadership Master's Program at Lehigh University. It is a program that is designed to develop school leaders who will think and act in ways that will disrupt the stagnation and mediocrity that exists in too many of our nation's schools. Our Cohort based program utilizes the underlying themes of Creativity & Imagination in Leadership as well as Organizational Culture. Maxine Greene's approach to aesthetic education and social imagination is woven throughout the program including frequent engagements with works of art facilitated by teaching artists.

@ Academy for Teachers-

Teaching is our most important profession but teacher morale is falling. Our front-line educators are burdened by tests and isolated in their classrooms. They get discouraged. At times, they feel maligned. Fifty percent of new teachers leave the profession within five years, and the problem is worse in our most troubled schools.Education can’t only be about tests: Great teachers have passion and passion must be nurtured. The Academy respects our educators as intellectuals in need of inspiration and support. Our Master Classes reignite a teacher’s own love of learning.We are also building a community of like-minded teachers who support one another beyond participation in Master Classes.Maxine Greene, Professor Emeritus at Teachers College, is one of our Masters known for her philosophy of aesthetic education and the social imagination.

We launch in New York City but our program sends a message to teachers everywhere: Your work is important and it’s valued by our culture’s best minds and institutions.

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