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A collection of works by maxine greene including published articles, monographs and lectures

Title Publisher Date Volume No. Page(s)
A Response to Beck, Giarelli/Chambliss, Leach, Tozer, and Macmillan

A Response to Beck, Giarelli/Chambliss, Leach, Tozer, and Macmillan

Educational Theory 1991 pp. 321-324

A Viewing of Curriculum: The Personal, the Social, and the Cognitive (ASCD 34th Annual Conference, Detroit: March 3-7, 1979)

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development 1979

Aesthetics as Research

Maxine Greene 2007

Alan Bloom's "The Closing of the American Mind": Two Perspectives

Institute on Education and the Economy April 1988

Artistic Intelligences: Implications for Education

Teachers College Press 1992

Arts Education in the Humanities: Towards a Breaking of the Boundaries

Maine Alliance for Arts Education 1989

Beyond Incomprehensibility

Maxine Greene 2007

Beyond Insularity: Releasing the Voices

College ESL 1993

Changing Perspectives on Schools and Schooling

TC Record 1987 pp. 226-246

Countering Indifference - The Role of the Arts

Maxine Greene 2007

Curriculum and Cultural Transformation: A Humanistic View

Cross Currents 1975 pp. 175-186

Democracy, Reflection and Social Imagination

Video Learning, Educational Video Center 1998 p. 6

Democratic Vistas-Renewing a Perspective

Maxine Greene 2007

Educational Philosophy and Teacher Empowerment

3rd National Forum of the Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education June 1989

Equality of Opportunity: Perspectives and Possibilities

Annual Meeting of the National Council for the Social Studies 1982

Gender, Multiplicity, and Voice

Gender and Education: Ninety-Second Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education 1993 pp. 241-255

Heightened Consciousness, Cultural Revolution, and Curriculum Theory, The Proceedings of the Rochester Conferences (Rochester, New York, May 3-5, 1973)

McCutchan Publishing 1974

Imagination and Becoming (Bronx Charter School of the Arts)


Imagination and the Healing Arts


Imagination, Oppression and Culture/Creating Authentic Openings

Paper presented at the Interrupting Oppression and Sustaining Justice Conference, New York February 2004

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