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Work Title Author/Editor Publisher Date Volume No. Page(s)
A Different Way of Knowing through Aesthetic Education Baum, Joan Education Update July 2001
A Light in Dark Times: Maxine Greene & the Unfinished ConversationA Light in Dark Times: Maxine Greene & the Unfinished Conversation Ayers, William. C. & Janet L. Miller (Eds.) Teachers College Press 1998
Academic Homecoming Featured Gilligan, Greene and Awards to Five TC Alumni Teachers College 1998
An Artistic Vision of Education Takes Root in a N.Y. School Dobnik, Verena The Washington Post July 8, 2005
Arts Education Conference at the Heritage School Teachers College Press 2003
Barnard Education Program Celebrates 50 Years Rosenberg, Merri Education Update May 2002
BookTalk: Simon Schama Discusses Rembrandt's Eyes Teachers College 2000
BookTalking with Maxine Greene Teachers College 2002
Educating the Imagination Noppe-Brandon, Scott Education Update October 2004
E-Learning in TC Muses TIMSSE: A Passion for Community Teachers College 2003
Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education Provenzo, Eugene F., John Renaud & Asterie Baker Provenzo Sage Publications 2009
Expanding the Imagination Teachers College February 2003
Flunking Retirement: A Chat with Maxine Greene Teachers College September 2001
Four Institutions, Educators Receive Honor Teachers College/PR Newswire 2005
Imagination Conversation Noppe-Brandon, Scott Education Update July 2003
Imagine: A Nation Without the Arts Noppe-Brandon, Scott Education Update May 2004
In The Vanguard of the Small School Revolution Teachers College February 2005
Looking Back and Looking Ahead: Founders Day Teachers College September 2001
Maxine Greene Receives Honorary Doctorate from Long Island University Teachers College 2003
Maxine Greene, Philosopher & Aesthete Baum, Joan Education Update August 2003

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