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This is a collection of writings, research and conference presentations by faculty, teaching artists, educators and graduate students who have been inspired by encounters with Maxine Greene and her work. This library reflects their understandings of aesthetic education, social imagination and the experiences they have had or developed as a result of these influences. 

 "We hope to "grow' a landscape of educational imagination (projects in higher education, K-12, communities, museums, performance sites, writings, virtual cyber-projects) that exist throught the United Staes and beyond, cultivated in the soil of Maxine's ideas."

-Michelle Fine, Advisory Committee

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Maxine with members of the Board and the Advisory Committee; Mary Bullock, Michelle Fine, Carole Salz and Holly Fairbank


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Faculty Research


Graduate Student Research


Mankowski, Daniel Christopher

Performing Shakespeare: Fun and Games or Purposeful Emancipatory and Empowering Pedagogy    
Gaines, Andrew M.

Ambassadors of Aesthetic Experience: The Healing Legacy of Maxine Greene


Teaching Artist Research























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