This area is a place to find The Maxine Greene Library, a repository for Dr. Greene's papers, speeches, articles, books and video; as well as listings of works about Maxine Greene, Aesthetic Education and about Social Imagination.

This collection includes works written by Maxine Greene as well works about her and works inspired by her life and works.

If you are interested in finding out more about Maxine’s personal library please visit the Maxine Greene Lehman Collection.

aesthetic education

Art And Its Significance: An Anthology Of Aesthetic Theory

Author: Ross, Stephen David, ed.; Published by: State University of New York Press, 1994

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Art and Indian Children

Author: McGrath, James; Published by: Center for the Arts of Indian America, 1972

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Exceptional Children - Exceptional Art: Teaching Art to Special Needs

Author: Henley, David R; Published by: Davis Publications, 1992

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maxine greene institute library

Bibliographic information and, in certain cases linked access to various artifacts and works written by Dr. Maxine Greene including books, monographs, articles,speeches, tapes, photos, etc.

A Celebration Announcing the Maxine Greene Foundation

Author: N/A; Published by: Teachers College , 2003

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2004 at TC: The Year in Review

Author: N/A; Published by: Teachers College , 2004

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